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Focus on your investment return

Asset Management

Silver Ridge’s mission is to add value through efficient Infrastructure, Real Estate and Energy asset management. We work in close partnership with our clients, managing their assets through strategic, financial, technical and commercial consulting services structured independently or integrated to attend their requirements.

We have a broad vision as well as the knowledge and know-how to perform in several market sectors. Our experience and multidisciplinary capabilities contribute to solve existing issues, mitigate risks and identify opportunities to improve results in all project phases.

Asset Management

Protect your assets, improve performance and obtain the best returns



Project Company structuring

Project Company management

Construction Supervision

Financial services

Risk and Compliance management


Due diligence

Real Estate

Portfolio Management

Real Estate appraisal

Sale and leaseback

Construction and refurbishment supervision

Real Estate



Renewable energies

Photovoltaic systems

Electric mobility

Charging stations

Efficiency, rigor, confidence, safety and transparency

Planning, strategy definition and execution

Mitigate risks, find opportunities, optimize returns

Meet objectives and obtain results

Silver Ridge, partners in Infrastructure and Real Estate asset management